Game monsters backstage process

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I started to do some marketing movies, based on the notion that this game is (and should be) very serious about the story. But, I wanted to see it from a more fun perspective as well.

The result ended up being good practice and highly educational since I had to learn quite a few new things.

I came to a process that I could repeat and it goes something like this:

  1. script
  2. record script with voice
  3. record casts movements synched with the voice as video
  4. upload video to Plask.ai
  5. export motion capture
  6. create IK Rig for reuse
  7. create IK retargeter for reuse
  8. convert the exported material to my own skeleton which is used in most bi-ped characters.

Repeated steps after that is only 3, 4, 5 and 8

The skeleton exported from Plask.ai has not all that many details and is a bit too rough for doing this “properly” but at least it gets a rough and hard job in very little time.

You can see a shorter version of the end result on twitter on #adventuregamefriday from March 10.

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