Cover Image for Finalising

Finally the end is near. I can almost see it. Now the worst part for it, the marketing needs to be cranked up quite alot. Some story elements are still not there and the inventory is still playing pranks on me. But step by step it will be finished.

I learned so much during this journey that started in September last year. Not just that the creation part is the most fun, but also how much a system of other systems a game actually is. And all systems need to work together for the final experience to be complete. All systems.

I also tried out the whole translation piece in Unreal. Good, but some things learned from the small math app I did was very valuable and will save me tons of time if I do it with the game.

The final scene is also coming together and could very well be the most complete one. Not sure yet. Optimization has also taken quite some time. Both code and visual ones. The lights are tricky to get right if the performance should be ok. Many things to prioritize when the experience is in focus.


A game consists of many different sub-systems. Saving/loading, inventory, leveling, monster management, character statistics, combat stats balancing and more. All these small systems needs to work together. This is the finalization I am mostly concerned with now.

The Game Master and Character screen

After initial game testing I found that the story got lost on the way a bit. The game master (GM) needed to be more present. Many other things were added at the final stage and the game got a brand new character sheet where character progress can be followed.

Play Testing and Steam Achievements

The real play testing is soon to begin. Some other things need to be taken care of as well as adding Steam Achievements. Then the real testing can start. I am so looking forward to the feedback. Balancing is tricky and I need all the help I can get with testing it.