Game design principles

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Many games today have this notion of that you need to pass the test, to get to the next phase of the game. It could be a boss, but it could very well be a number of things you need to execute a series of commands so that everything is done exactly as the devs and designers meant it to be - so succeed in getting onward in the game. And this is a game you probably spent alot of money to buy. If you don't get past that obstacle, you lost your money, in essence. You do not get to experience the game. You will get frustrated, and you will spend many many hours (which many games are evaluated by), but will you have fun? Will you get an awesome experience? It is a game after all.

What I wanted to do

I wanted to give my players a nice experience. Imagine a dark night during November when you feel like getting that RPG experience, but don't have your crew to play a real D&D session with. Then, Angrbothsa Mountains can help for a short while.

Focus for me has always been on the experience, not having silly, impossible tasks that you need to google solutions for, to be able to play the game you bought.